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eBuy Apparels USA, Inc Conducting a UX workshop to gather insights from potential customers and presenting the findings to eBuy’s Product Manager to improveĀ the mask purchasing experience on the eBuy platform is a crucial step in product development. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to organize and execute such a workshop: Preparation:
  1. Define Workshop Goals: Clearly state what the workshop’s goals are. In this instance, the objective is to acquire information to improve the eBuy platform’s mask shopping experience.
  2. Participant Recruitment: Identify potential customers who are likely to purchase masks on eBuy’s platform. Use email lists, social media, or online communities to reach out to them.
  3. Scheduling: Set a date and time for the workshop that accommodates the availability of the participants.
Workshop Execution:
  1. Introduction (10 minutes):
    • Welcome participants and introduce the purpose of the workshop.
    • Provide an overview of eBuy’s interest in improving the mask purchasing experience.
  2. Icebreaker (10 minutes):
    • Use a quick icebreaker activity to create a comfortable atmosphere and build rapport among participants.
  3. User Persona Creation (15 minutes):
    • Help participants create a fictional user persona who would purchase masks on eBuy. This persona should represent a typical customer.
  4. User Journey Mapping (20 minutes):
    • Ask participants to outline the steps a user would take when purchasing a mask on eBuy’s website. Identify pain points, questions, and potential areas of improvement.
  5. Usability Testing (30 minutes):
    • Provide participants with access to eBuy’s product listing page for masks.
    • Ask them to perform tasks such as finding a specific mask, adding it to the cart, and proceeding to checkout.
    • Encourage participants to think aloud and express their thoughts and feelings during the process.
  6. Feedback and Discussion (30 minutes):
    • After usability testing, hold a group discussion to collect feedback from participants.
    • Encourage them to share what they liked, what was frustrating, and any ideas for improvement.
    • Record this feedback for analysis.
  7. Affinity Diagram (20 minutes):
    • Collaboratively organize the feedback into categories or themes to identify common pain points and potential improvements.
  8. Prioritization (15 minutes):
    • Have participants vote on the most critical issues they identified during the workshop.
Data Analysis and Presentation:
  1. Data Analysis (Post-workshop):
    • Consolidate the feedback, pain points, and suggestions from the workshop.
  2. Report Creation (1-2 days):
    • Create a concise report summarizing the workshop findings. Include user personas, journey maps, usability test results, and prioritized issues.
  3. Presentation to Product Manager (30-60 minutes):
    • Schedule a meeting with the eBuy Product Manager.
    • Present the findings, emphasizing the most critical issues and potential improvements.
    • Share the user personas and journey maps to provide context.
    • Discuss actionable recommendations for improving the mask purchasing experience.
  4. Follow-up (As Needed):
    • Collaborate with the Product Manager to ensure that the workshop insights are incorporated into the platform’s design and development.
Remember to keep the workshop focused, ensure participants feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, and maintain a user-centered approach throughout the process. This will help eBuy make informed decisions to enhance the customer experience.

Prepare for the UX Workshop

Prepare a questionnaire to interview the potential customer

Creating a questionnaire for interviewing potential customers is a crucial step in gathering valuable insights for improving eBuy’s mask purchasing experience. Below is a sample questionnaire that you can use as a starting point. You can modify and expand upon it as needed to suit your specific goals and audience:


  • Thank you for participating in this interview. Your feedback is essential in helping us improve eBuy’s mask purchasing experience. Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge and experience.

Demographic Information:

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Where are you located (city/country)?
  4. What is your occupation or industry?

Online Shopping Behavior: 5. How often do you shop for personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, online?

  • Rarely
  • Occasionally
  • Frequently
  • Always
  1. What factors influence your decision to shop for PPE online instead of in physical stores?

eBuy Experience:

  1. Have you used eBuy to purchase masks or other products before? If so, how frequently?
  1. What motivated you to use eBuy for purchasing masks? Please describe the factors that led to this decision.
  2. Can you briefly describe your last experience using eBuy to shop for masks? What went well, and what could have been better?

Product Discovery:

  1. How do you typically search for masks on eBuy? (e.g., using search, browsing categories, recommendations)
  1. Can you describe any challenges or frustrations you encounter when trying to find specific mask products on eBuy?

Product Evaluation:

  1. What information do you find most important when evaluating a mask product? (e.g., price, brand, product features, customer reviews)
  1. Are there any specific features or details that you often look for in a mask product that eBuy may not currently provide?

Usability and Navigation:

  1. Walk me through your most recent experience of adding a mask to your cart and proceeding to checkout on eBuy. What was the process like, and were there any difficulties?
  1. Are there any specific aspects of eBuy’s website or app that you find particularly user-friendly or, conversely, challenging to use when purchasing masks?

Checkout Experience:

  1. Can you describe your experience during the checkout process on eBuy? Did you encounter any issues or concerns while making a purchase?
  1. How do you feel about the available payment options, shipping methods, and return policies on eBuy when buying masks?

Customer Support and Feedback:

  1. Have you ever reached out to eBuy’s customer support for assistance or inquiries regarding mask purchases? If so, what was your experience like?
  1. Do you feel that eBuy values customer feedback and acts upon it to improve the platform? Please provide examples or suggestions.

Improvements and Suggestions:

  1. If you could change or improve one thing about the mask purchasing experience on eBuy, what would it be?
  1. Are there any additional features, services, or information you’d like to see on eBuy’s platform when shopping for masks?


  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share or suggest regarding your experience with eBuy’s mask purchasing process?

Thank You:

  • Thank you for participating in this interview and sharing your insights. Your input is valuable in helping us enhance our services.

This questionnaire should provide a foundation for interviewing potential customers. Depending on the responses, we may want to dive deeper into specific areas and follow up with more probing questions to gain a better understanding of their experiences and expectations.

  1. Prepare a sample user persona or empathy map of a potential customer

User Persona:

  • Name: Sarah Johnson
  • Demographics:
    • Age: 32
    • Gender: Female
    • Location: Los Angeles, CA
    • Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Background: Sarah is a 32-year-old elementary school teacher living in Los Angeles. She values the safety of her students and herself, and since the pandemic, she has been purchasing personal protective equipment, including masks, on a regular basis. She prefers online shopping for convenience and safety reasons.

Needs and Goals:

  • Ensure the safety of her students and herself by buying high-quality masks.
  • Find a variety of mask options suitable for different occasions (work, outdoor activities, etc.).
  • Save time and shop conveniently online due to her busy schedule.

Pain Points:

  • Difficulty finding specific mask types on eBuy due to limited categorization.
  • Frustration with unclear product descriptions and limited customer reviews.
  • Concerns about the reliability and quality of masks purchased online.

User Quote: “I need to be sure I’m getting the best masks for my students and myself, but it can be a hassle finding the right options online. I wish there were more user reviews to guide my choices.”

Empathy Map:

This user persona and empathy map represent a typical customer like Sarah who shops for masks on eBuy. Understanding her needs, goals, and pain points can help eBuy tailor their platform to better serve customers in similar situations.

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