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How to install SSL or certbot Let’s Encrypt manually for any website hosted in cloudpanel?

To install SSL manually or using Certbot Let’s Encrypt for a website hosted in CloudPanel, you can follow these general steps: Open Terminal certbot certonly –manual –preferred-challenges dns -d sudo certbot certonly –manual –manual-auth-hook /etc/letsencrypt/ –preferred-challenges dns –debug-challenges -d * -d CloudPanel is a free software to configure and manage a server with […]

How to troubleshoot #1227 Error in phpMyAdmin: Access Denied for Changing sql_mode Variable without SUPER or SYSTEM_VARIABLES_ADMIN Privileges? – Cloudpanel

To troubleshoot the #1227 error in phpMyAdmin, indicating access denied for changing the sql_mode variable without SUPER or SYSTEM_VARIABLES_ADMIN privileges, you can follow these steps: Check Current Privileges: Ensure that your MySQL user account has the necessary privileges to modify the sql_mode variable. You need either SUPER or SYSTEM_VARIABLES_ADMIN privileges for this operation. Review User […]

How to setup Django application on Cloudpanel with uWSGI and nginx

In this blog, I am going to show you how to simply setup Django application on Cloudpanel 2 with uWSGI and nginx This tutorial is aimed at the Django user who wants to set up a production web server. It takes you through the steps required to set up Django so that it works nicely […]

How To Find Author Name Behind Any Blogspot Blog?

Sometimes blogger using BlogSpot as a subdomain, so their registration details, we can’t find out from who is database, also many bloggers use who is protection with custom domain to hide their registry details. Also, some of the blogger does not include their name or profile URL in the sidebar and in below post content. So […]

How to change HTTP to HTTPS Using the .htaccess file?

How to change HTTP to HTTPS Using the .htaccess

HTTPS is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol for secure communication over a computer network and is widely used on the Internet. Redirect All Web Traffic To force all web traffic to use HTTPS insert the following lines of code in the .htaccess file in your website’s root folder. NOTE: If you have existing code in your .htacess, add […]

How to Transfer Cpanel (Web Hosted) email to New Cpanel (Web Hosting)

How to Transfer Cpanel (Web Hosted) email to New Cpanel (Web Hosting)

In cPanel, we can make a full backup of a server account like emails, files. This backup stores emails and email account information in the directory homedir/mail/. How do we migrate webmail emails between a server when the origin server has multiple add-on domains or when we want only the emails and no other data? […]

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