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How To Find Passwords of All Connected Wi-Fi Networks

How To Find Passwords of All Connected Wi-Fi Networks using CMD (Command Prompt).

Step 1. Open Command Prompt (CMD)

For, Windows XP :  Click on Start  >  Click on Run  >  Type cmd

Windows 7  :   Click on Start  >  Click on Search Bar  >  Type cmd

Windows 8 / 8.1 :   Click on Windows Icon + R  >  Type  cmd

Step 2. Open Command Prompt (CMD) and Type:

  netsh wlan show profile

After Typing Press Enter.

Step 3. Find All  Wi-Fi User Profiles & Select the Wi-Fi User Profile

Here, We can find one user profile.

Step 4. Find Wi-Fi User Profile Password

To get the password for this profile. Type  netsh wlan show profile wi key=clear

After typing, Press Enter

In Security Settings  >  Key Content  is the password of selected User profile


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