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How to get Client WordPress website content checklist

How to get Client WordPress website content checklist

Having an effective website content checklist is essential for any business. It helps ensure that the content you create is of the highest quality and meets your client’s expectations.

A good website content checklist should include elements such as keyword research, SEO optimization, grammar and spelling checks, readability tests, and other relevant factors. With this checklist in place, you can be sure that your client’s website will be up to date with the latest trends in web design and content creation.

Furthermore, it also helps to ensure that any changes made to the site are done properly so as not to affect its performance or user experience.

By following a comprehensive website content checklist, you can guarantee that your clients get the best possible results from their websites.

General & Global

  • Logo
  • Footer widget options
    • Social feed
    • Page list / mini menu
    • Legal links
    • Logo
    • Contact info
    • Recent posts
    • Certifications & Memberships
    • Call to Action
    • Brief about
    • Opt in
  • Sidebar widget options
    • Opt in
    • Recent posts
    • Contact block
    • Categories
    • Author
  • Social media profile links
  • Favicon (or create one from their logo)

Home Page

  • Header/Hero Image
  • Main headline
  • Tagline
  • Headline for SEO
  • Site description
  • Header button text
  • Main content & images
  • Call to action


  • Main content
  • Images
  • Team photos
  • Team bios
  • Team social media
  • Certifications & Memberships & Partners & Accreditations
  • Call to action


  • Headings
  • Summary
  • Images


  • Author Bio
  • Author Image (gravatar)
  • Several initial posts with featured image


  • Phone number (s)
  • Email address (es)
  • Email to send form to
  • Contact form fields
  • Map address (es)
  • Mail address (es)
  • Supporting text
  • Areas serviced
  • Business numbers or license numbers if required
  • Premises photos

Supporting Content

  • Testimonials including images
  • Client images/logos
  • FAQs
  • 404 page content & links
  • Downloads & Resources
  • Video embed code (client to upload)


  • Target keywords

Email Marketing

  • CRM/autoresponder credentials
  • Lists to add subscribers to
  • Tags to add
  • Opt in
    • Location(s)
    • Headline and/or subscribe text
    • Button text
    • Fields (optional/required)

Tracking & Scripts

  • Analytics
  • Facebook pixel code
  • Live chat script
  • Reviews embed code


  • Products
    • Title
    • SKU
    • Category
    • Description
    • Image
    • Price
    • Dimensions & Weight (if calculating shipping)
  • Shipping method (s) & costs
  • Payment method (s) and credentials
  • Coupons


  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions or other legal info
  • Custom copyright
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