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How to Livestream on Multiple Social Media Platforms Simultaneously?

f you are a brand planning an event to reach out to the target market, do not miss out broadcasting it on social media.

Multiple Live streaming on social media platforms is the main key to successful branding and extensively reaching out to customers.

Insights suggest that videos play an impactful role in capturing market attention and improving conversion rates. Therefore, organisations continuously look out for mediums & tools to simplify Live streaming on multiple channels online.

Broadcasting one video stream or content on various channels/platforms simultaneously is known as simulcasting. It helps optimize network channels and simplify live streaming on multiple social media platforms.

Simulcasting supports the rising digital trend of video streaming on social media platforms besides catering to the businesses in need of economic Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Brands that have realized the importance of reaching a vast audience through social media, stay a step ahead of their competitors.

So, step up your game and begin multiple Live streaming on social media platforms to gain viewership and expand customer base.

Multiple Live streaming on social media platforms

Live events come along with an ocean of opportunities for organizing brands. Businesses can increase engagement rates, drive traffic to website & landing pages, spread awareness about the brand using Live streaming features.

Multiple Live streaming on social media platforms helps broadcasters reach out to an extensive audience effortlessly. Live video streaming is the latest video production trend that one can monetize and generate potential leads too. Multiple live streaming on social media platforms

With several social media platforms available for marketing and Live streaming videos, choosing the appropriate channel can get tough.

Specific tools and mediums are designed to facilitate multiple Live streaming on social media platforms. These tools are capable of posting to most of the platforms but marketing here depends on where the customers matter more.

Just because you have the power to reach audience on any platform does not mean that you should post on all.

Designing a strategy which would grab maximum relevant viewers through live streams can be considered as a big help to these brands that frequently Live stream on websites and social media sites.

How do you choose Live streaming platforms?

There are certain points you should consider before selecting the social media channel for Live streaming your event and videos.

Here we have discussed some simple ways to understand how to successfully Live stream on multiple social media platforms.

1. While discussing about social media platforms, we tend to mention a few of them as primary ones. Facebook and YouTube being the versatile platforms, news updates, latest events concerning huge public can be streamed here.

Being the widely searched for video streaming platforms, broadcasting on YouTube can help the content get viral.

Facebook brings in access to ample number of audiences from different age groups & communities which is ideal for content aimed at families and groups.

2. General news topics and events can be Live streamed on multiple platforms that are accessible through the tools. It helps broaden its reach to a bigger general audience.

3. When broadcasters need to Live stream videos relevant to eSports and gaming they can utilize platforms like Twitch. Similarly, before selecting multiple platforms to stream you should know the kind of viewers that will be present on it. It improves efficiency of the video and ensures that it reaches the correct market.

4. In case of short, informational news, Live events video streaming, you can simulcast on platforms like Periscope, Twitch and Instagram. Audiences on these platforms consume Live videos which are highly factual, contain latest information of particular interest and trend.

Categorizing Live video streaming audiences and their respective platforms according to their presence on these sites is essential.

Knowing what entertains the crowd and convert viewers into customers is the main concern here.

Multiple live streaming on social media platforms can be a boon provided the correct channels are sorted along with recognizing the right time for the post.

Popular tools that assist multiple Live streaming on social media platforms

There are several third party apps and tools that individuals, start-up ventures and brands can utilize to Live stream on multiple channels.

1. Switchboard: This is a budget friendly, easy to use tool that helps stream Live video content to selected platforms. It has a user friendly interface which makes it comfortable for broadcasters without much technical knowledge. Multiple live streaming on social media platforms

With Switchboard content creators can post to Facebook live, Periscope, YouTube and Twitch. It is available as a trial pack for 30 days for the users interested in trying its reach and efficiency.

Once the starter pack satisfies the needs of the user they can upgrade to the subscription for just $25 per month.

2. Streamshark: It is a platform that supports users with dedicated servers. Streamshark may be expensive than the ordinary video streaming tools but it provides more customization and control over Live streaming comparatively. Multiple live streaming on social media platforms

The tool is popular among big brands like the Renault who trust its features and use it for their Live events. It can only be used by its subscribers who have purchased their business plans and own a dedicated server.

The plan costs around $250 per month.

3. Vimeo Livestream:¬†‚ÄúWork moves in real time; Live streaming keeps you ahead‚ÄĚ quotes their website. This Live streaming simulcast tool enables its subscribers to Live stream on multiple social media platforms.

They mainly deal with Live streams on Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube and Twitch while letting you do it in lesser bandwidth.  Multiple live streaming on social media platforms

The features of the tool are expensive considering the fact that it assists organisations only but does come with additional benefits on it.

4. Easy live: This tool caters to businesses only, therefore it comes with premium plans and packages which can be expensive for individual creators. Multiple live streaming on social media platforms

It is a cloud-based software working as a simulcast tool that simplifies multiple Live streaming on social media platforms.

Easy live is very popular among all B2B companies who use Live streams to reach their target market.

5. Groovy Gecko: This amazing tool serves to the market leaders like Nike and Liverpool FC. It is suitable for the large companies that utilize the features of the tool to Live stream on social media platforms along with TV broadcasts.

It has additional graphics overlay elements and allows users to monetize over pay per view(PPV). It is priced per event and would approximately cost around $4000.

Benefits of Live streaming on multiple social media platforms

1. Every social media platform has its own merits and demerits. While considering webcasting platforms, their pros and cons must be weighed properly in order to make most of their features.

Streaming on particular web platforms may limit reach whereas by Live streaming on multiple channels brands can overcome the negatives.

Moreover, it unifies the social media strategy and syncs every platform for better access and use.

2. Webcasting on multiple social media platforms makes Live streaming events more easy and interesting. It brings in automated solutions for separate websites that need different video inputs.

All of the support is done without bothering the broadcaster and brands.

3. Multiple live streaming on social media platforms would need just one marketing strategy and position for all. This saves time, effort and reduces risk.

4. It maximizes reach and ensures that no potential market is left behind. Audiences are different on all these platforms hence, simulcasting on all the websites covers the complete market.

5. Most importantly, simultaneous Live streaming on several platforms enables the brand to be present on all of them at the same time. This is rewarding and expands the possibilities for them.

6. Most of these webcasting tools enable brands to store the Live stream for some time or maybe permanently. This feature helps audiences of the brand watch the stream on-demand later.

7. Live streaming analytics available at one place helps the broadcasters and brands to understand what works with a specific audience. It helps create and develop better video streams in future.

Live streaming helps to know where the majority of the potential market is available thereby assisting in making a priority list for the upcoming marketing campaign.

Live streaming has played a major role in changing the way brands and creators communicated with their audience. Distributing the webcast has bought in more positive outcomes, improved intangible benefits and traffic.

Now anyone can Live stream events on multiple social media platform effortlessly in lesser time.

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